I am in the midst of writing a new Daredevil piece that I am hoping to get to Marvel so that I may get to be a writer for Marvel one day. Attached are links to the first 3 pieces. They go to a wordpress and there is a link to a PDF. I hope you enjoy!

As you will see, there are no pictures, but nothing expect colored text. Each color coordinates with a character and you won't find out that character's name until you read further on.

I wanted to let the reader get a sense of the character by finding out who he/she is by taking a look into their personal life. It's dark, gruesome, and a new way of reading these comics of the superheroes we love. It's also a new storyline behind the character.

I'd love to get this to Marvel, guys, so PLEASE SHARE. And COMMENT so that I know who is reading. Stats so far are good, but I'd like them to be better. Also, if you send a message to me, via the 'contact' page on wordpress, I will give you a special look at what it coming down the road for 1919comics.

I love you all. Thank You

Piece 1:

Piece 2:

Piece 3:

Piece 4:


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