The Serrated Logo

The Serrated Logo


The Serrated was a group of Vigilantes who steal food from the wealthy and gives them to the Homeless or poor. The group got massacred by Troy Phillips after he uprised. The group got founded again by Sleet and now is made up of a force to fight by Sleet's side, instead of stealing food.


Coming soon...

Members Before massacre

Carl Summers: Leader (Supposedly deceased)

Katy Jones: Planner (Deceased)

Harry Killian: Techie (Deceased)

Travis Ether: Lockpick (Survived)

Troy Phillips: Lookout (Betrayed other members)

John Kameo: Master of Disguise (Deceased)

Harris Flemming: Combat Man (Deceased)

Members after massacre

Travis Ether (Sleet):Leader

Jerome Sawre (Fledgeling): Planner

Carlos Falder (The Human Dictionary): Techie

Raquelle Von Termina (Sinn): Lockpick

Felix Turnback (Moltern): Lookout

Samuel Waterson (Electronika): Master Of Disguise

Ryan Dakota (The Fear): Combat Man

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