the Upgraded Spider Man




(expected) 16-part series

Main Character

Lance Logan

Creative Team

The Upgraded Spider-Man is a fanfction series by PhotonCommander10. It features Lance Logan, a 16 year old who gains the spider powers of Peter Parker.


Lance Logan is the new Spider-Man. But when he pulls out his aggressive nature, the public are shocked. They love him, he has no mercy when it comes to breaking the law. His only boundary is killing. Things become suspicious when all the villains he defeats turn up dead, having been either electrocuted, stabbed, half-eaten, stomped into a pile, or commited suicide. New York's streets are being stalked by mysterious villains. And the mental asylum is the worst of the lot.


Three main story arcs will be spread out across the (expected) 16 chapters. The main villains are being kept under wraps until the big reveal around chapter 5.

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