Turbine Force

Turbine Force

"Yo, Decay! Eat Minute Compressed Digital Shockwaves!"

-Turbine Force


Thomas Feirhem was born to a formerly wealthy man, James Feirhem , who owned TurbineTech, and formerly its splinter branch, JTech. Having run his finances into the ground he decended into alcoholism. Feeling abandoned, Tom messed with one of his father's scientists program's- granting him flight and strength, but killing his Father's company. JTech seceded, and Thomas's family was ruined. James died when Thomas was twelve, and he quickly learned to run the company. Torn between childhood joys and the responsibility of running TurbineTech, Tom initially initialluy chose early adulthood, becoming a 20 year old business progidy, while retaining his joking demeanor. Following his mother's near death encounter with a mob, Thomas nfd his top scientists designed energy propulsion gloves and X-Ray Goggles- both of which fit perfectly into his Turbine Force costume. Becoming good friends with Scarlet Wing and Occult Tom also achieved more then his father ever had in the business world, raising TurbineTech to the top electronics company in America. He even succeded in reclaiming the corrupted JTech, clearing it of the bad and renaming it HeroTech, his chance to gift heroes of the world with his technology. But this newfound victory would not last long.

Tomas was framed of espionage and in the gollowing court battle, lost HeroTech. a mysterious individual who owned nuclear development labs NextWar, bought it and remade it into SinisterWares, a weapons firm for criminal and maniacs everywhere. Fighting his own tech at night, and fighting the court at day, Thomas became increasingly exhausted and angry. Following a visit from Scarlet Wing Thomas attacked him and Scarlet Wing was forced to bring him to Occult for healing.

Within a few weeks, Thomas recoveredbut had lost half his company to a madman. However, not being one to give up, Tom rebuilt TurbineTech as the superior UltraTech. In the final showdown with SinisterWares, Tom finally learned the identity of his worst enemy.

Powers and Abilities

Contrary to public belief, Tom only posseses two powers, strength and flight. Although he cannot fly as high as Occult his strength far exceeds any of his friends. He also wields gloves that release concussive force and his mask allows him to see through walls. He also ovccasionally makes use of other gadgets.

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