Quote1 My name is Webby...Webby Du Bois...but you can call me by my alias...The Sticky Spider...! And I ate a Paramecia type Devil Fruit called, the Silk-Silk Fruit. And I intend to find the Great Dragon God Scales that tilt both ways of good fortune, and ill fortune as a rare, collectors item. And not the legendary One Piece so to hell with that make believe bull-crap of a treasure that ain't real. I'm focused on getting this, and this only. Quote2
Vital statistics
Real Name Webby Du Bois
Current Aliases Sticky Spider
Aliases Sticky, Sticky Spider, M. Du Bois
Relatives Unnamed Sister, Unnamed Brother
Affiliation Secret Warriors
Occupation Pirate, Adventurer
Born September 14
Age 18
Base of Operations Dinosaur Island
Alignment In-between
Identity Public
Nationality African-French
Marital Status Five month yr old Pregnant navigator girlfriend with baby boy on the way
Education High School Student at Fleur-di-lis High
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 5'04
Weight 160
Eyes Dark brown
Hair Black, low,faded bald hair
Skin Light brown
Unusual Features Unknown
Origin Born in the cities' Lower Westside
Universe Earth-633
Place of Birth Fleur-di-lis Or
Voiced by Daniel Bailey

Powers and Abilities


As the leader of the Silken-Web Pirates, Webby Du Boise's Devil Fruit, the Silk-Silk Fruit, which is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit, gives him the ability to shoot webs from his hands. And can fire them rapidly fast from his hands in quick rapid succession. And also, sticks his opponents to the webs' sticky silky wet substance.

Silk-Silk Fruit

The Silk-Silk Fruit gives Webby Du Bois the ability to shoot webs from his hands.

Dinosaur Island Arc

While going to Dinosaur Island, Webby Du Bois and the entire Spider Crew stop by on a nearby island and settle there. There they spend the night on the island and during the night, one of the pirate captains' crew members overhears something in the islands' woods, and sees an azalea bush shake in the distance. He then grabs his cutlass sword, and goes to investigate to check it out. When all of a sudden, something pounces on the crew member and just screams in real, terrified horror. Which wakes everybody up in the process, and even their pirate captain, Captain. Du Bois.

Which he arms himself with his pistol and cutlass sword, he then wakes the twin dog brothers, and then runs into the forest. With his teammates.

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