Spiderman (Peter Parker) is fighting a bad guy called Boomerang. 

Boomerang throws an exploding (you guessed it) Boomerang at Spiderman but he easily jumps up, dodging it. 

(Boomerang): Arrgah! STOP DOING THAT!!! 

(Spiderman): Nah, I'm good. 

Spiderman webs a street lamp, and swings towards Boomerang. His feet go into Boomerang's stomach.

(Boomerang): Ugh....Alright, Alright, I give!

Spidey webs Boomerang against a wall and slings away. 


Spiderman (Miles Morales) is fighing a bad guy called Speed Demon. Currently, he's using his invisibility powers to fight SD.

(Speed Demon): Um...where are you? 

(Spiderman): I'm right here. 

(Speed Demon): WHERE?! I can't see yo-

Spiderman punches SD while still invisible. 

(Speed Demon): I'm scared, man! 

Speed Demon quickly runs out of the city.


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