a film about a clash between the descendant of Cain Marko a mutant superhero" and the new human version of the "Hellfire Club" a human supremacist group.Cast Parris Price(me Zane Marko AKA J2 a member of the X-Men) Clifton Powell(Duke Hayes Main Vilain and leader of the Hellfire Club) Dylan Mooney(evil stepfather of Zane and secondary villain) Sasha Delvalle(Dutchess female lead villain)Michael Jai White and Terry Crews(James Bronson Charles Bronson sons of Duke and unknown woman Secondary Villains)Nia Long,Will Smith,Tisha Campell,Lance Gross,Martin Lawrence,Keisha Knight Pulliam,Tichina Arnold,Brittany Daniel,Vince Vaughn,Allen Payne,Demetria McKinney,Laz Alonso,Anthony Dalton Tracee Ellis Ross Malcolm Jamal Warner,Dominic Santana Kiki Haynes Denise Bouette(all members of the Hellfire Club Cameos Possibly)Alexader Ludwig(Zane's bully)Isabelle Fuhrman(Deathclaw enemy of both J2 and Wolverina).Now The X-Men Jacque Rae(Rina Logan AKA Wolverina Love interest and childhood friend of Zane) Zoe Soul(Monchuka Monroe AKA Plantasia) Zendaya and Bella Thorne(Kenyana Rasputin and Marissa Cassidy Codenames Metallica and Sonica)Noelle Wright(my friend) and Ross Lynch(Alicia Wagner, John Worthington Bamf and Halo)Katelynn Smith(Aliayah Bishop)Cody Simpson and Tony Oller(Chris and Stephen Summers AKA Plasmaniac and Beam)Sasha Pieterse(Masquerade)Raquel Castro(Gina Reyes AKA Sphere)Michael Blake and Hunter Pecunia(Robert Ace and Rebecca Spade LeBeau)Brendan Meyer(Miles Nathaniel Xavier descendant of Charles Xavier) Hailee Steinfeld(Dana Grey Summers)Zachary Gordon(Harry McCoy AKA Furball).Human Allies Alyssa Milano(Sara Marko nee Thomas lost mother of Zane) Laman Rucker(Harold Marko Late father of Zane) Richard Lawson and Loretta Devine(Anetta and Thomas Brown foster parents of Zane) Blair Underwood(John Nolan supportive stepfather of Rina) Cassi Davis Lavan Davis(Mr and Mrs Jones Next Door Neighboors) Teri Hatcher(Tina Nolan nee Smith mother of Rina) Hugh Jackman(Henry Logan regretful father of Rina)Tyler Perry(Brian Voight friendly librarian)Chandra Currelley Young Donny Sykes(Street Basketball Player) Tamar Davis(bartender).Brotherhood Bridget Mendler(Lioness enemy of Rina Victoria Creed) ( Doug Brochu(Xtra Large) Ashley Arm(Toadette enemy of Bamf)Leo Howard(Max Lensherr descendant of Magneto)Ryan Ochoa (Hellfire).

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