X-Men.Parris Price (J2 AKA Zane Marko) Caroline Sunshine(Emily Drake AKA Frost New Member) Jacque Rae(Rina Logan AKA Wolverina Love interest and childhood friend of Zane) Zoe Soul(Monchuka Monroe AKA Plantasia) Zendaya and Bella Thorne(Kenyana Rasputin and Marissa Cassidy Codenames Metallica and Sonica)Noelle Wright(my friend) and Ross Lynch(Alicia Wagner, John Worthington Bamf and Halo)Katelynn Smith(Aliayah Bishop)Cody Simpson and Tony Oller(Chris and Stephen Summers AKA Plasmaniac and Beam)Sasha Pieterse(Masquerade)Raquel Castro(Gina Reyes AKA Sphere)Michael Blake and Hunter Pecunia(Robert Ace and Rebecca Spade LeBeau)Brendan Meyer(Miles Nathaniel Xavier descendant of Charles Xavier) Hailee Steinfeld(Dana Grey Summers)Zachary Gordon(Harry McCoy AKA Furball)Ariel Winters(Beauty Harry's girlfriend hormone control) Olivia Holt(Debbie Blair Sunbeam can shoot solar energy)Saoirse Ronan(Donna Sinclair Alpha Wolf lycanthropic powers) Dylan Sprayberry(Ray Wilson AKA Kidpool) Malese Jow(Psyblade Jane Braddock)) Daniel Curtis Lee(Mass Attack can increase size and muscle mass) Cymphonique Miller(Angela Salvadore AKA Queen Bee)Matreya Fedor(Mary MacTaggert).Morlocks Bianca Lawson(Renegade leader of the morlocks) Nathan Kress (Freakshow a living illusion) Devon Werkeiser(Chemo Lad control over chemical elements) Miranda Cosgrove(Janet Lambert AKA Scalosaurus) Jason Dolley(James Guthrie AKA Jet) Josh Flitter(Dan Gould AKA Earthworm) Celeste Kellog(Dina Ryan AKA Monkeybone) Cheslea Taveres(Maggot) Annelisa Vander Pol (Rodeo)

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