X-men is the fanfictional MCU reboot of the X-men series. It will be released in 2020.


  • Mark Strong as Professor X
  • Tom Hardy as Wolverine
  • Armie Hammer as Cyclops
  • Natalie Dormer as Jean Grey
  • Yaya DaCosta as Storm
  • Kit Harington as Beast
  • Kristen Stewart as Rogue
  • Charlie Hunnam as Iceman
  • John Cena as Colossus
  • Violett Beane as Shadowcat
  • Jamie Chung as Jubilee
  • Aaron-Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch
  • Elizabeth Banks as Mystique
  • Christoph Waltz as Magneto
  • Channing Tatum as Gambit
  • Matt Barber as Angel
  • Seann William Scott as Deadpool

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