Xtreme Marvel (Also know as Earth-192714) is a reality. Mush like the Ultimate Marvel, its re-imagine each and every characters from the Marvel Universe.

Comic Books

Xtreme Spider-Man

After being bitten by a radioactive spider while on a field trip at Symthe Industries, Peter Parker become the masked superhero know as Spider-Man when his beloved Uncle Ben was brutally murdered by crazed serial killer Cletus Kasady.

Xtreme Captain America

Xtreme Iron Man

Xtreme Fantastic Four

Xtreme Daredevil

Xtreme X-Men

Xtreme Thor

Xtreme Ant-Man and the Wasp

Xtreme Hulk

Xtreme Dr. Strange

Xtreme Avengers

Xtreme Silver Surfer

Xtreme Punisher

Xtreme She-Hulk

Xtreme Guardians of the Galaxy

Xtreme Spider-Woman

Xtreme Wolverine

Xtreme Deadpool

Xtreme New Avengers

Xtreme Captain Marvel

Xtreme Howard the Duck

Xtreme West Coast Avengers

Xtreme Black Panther

Xtreme New Mutants

Xtreme Ghost Rider

Xtreme Big Hero 6

Xtreme Luke Cage

Xtreme Iron Fist

Xtreme Heroes for Hire

Xtreme Secrets Avengers

Xtreme Inhumans

Xtreme Agent Venom

Xtreme Scarlet Spider

Xtreme Ms. Marvel

Xtreme Spider-Man and Iron Man (Mini-Series)

Xtreme Avengers vs. X-Men (Limited Series)

Xtreme Silk

Xtreme Alpha Flight

Xtreme New Warriors

Xtreme Kid Arachnid

Xtreme Marvel Team-Ups

Xtreme Captain America and Wolverine (Mini-Series)

Xtreme Civil War (Limited Series)

Xtreme Acts of Vengeance (Limited Series)

Xtreme Nova

Xtreme Champions

Xtreme Defenders

Xtreme Champions vs. Defenders (Mini-Series)

Xtreme Great Lakes Avengers

Xtreme Web Warriors

Xtreme Spider-Island (Limited Series)

Xtreme Ka-Zar and Shanna

Xtreme Uncanny Avengers

Xtreme Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Xtreme Scarlet Spider vs. the Winter Solider (Mini-Series)

Xtreme A-Force

Xtreme Infinity (Limited Series)

Xtreme Young Avengers

Xtreme Avengers Academy

Xtreme Spider-Girl

Xtreme New Guardians of the Galaxy

Xtreme Force Works

Xtreme Deadpool & Spider-Man (Mini-Series)

Xtreme Thunderbolts

Xtreme U.S.Avengers

Xtreme Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

Xtreme Squirrel Girl

Xtreme Ultimates

Xtreme Avengers/Ultimates (Mini-Series)

Xtreme Avenging Spider-Man

Xtreme Hulk, Tigra, and Dr. Strange (Mini-Series)

Xtreme Runaways

Xtreme Monsters Unleashed! (Limited Series)

Xtreme War of the Symbiote (Limited Series)

Xtreme Ronin

Xtreme Deadpool and the Mercys for Money

Xtreme Thanos Rising (Limited Series)




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