In this reality, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more have new protege. (With the exception of Batman, Sparrow is just Robin's pard.)

Characters Exclusive To This reality

Founding Young Justice


Superkid is Carl Robertson, a kid with amnesia. He is unsure where he gets his powers. He is quiet and brooding


Leader of Young Justice, Dalia of Themyscira is Wonder Woman's daughter from the future. She is confident, but compassionate.

Quick Kid

Jack Jackson is Quick Kid, 12 year old speedster, recieving his powers while saving a baby. He is rash, impatient and surprisingly smart.

New Additions


George Rasputin is the son of Collosus and an ice powered female. Possesing limited invulnerablilty, super stregnth, and ice powers, he is a valuable asset to Young Justice, and he knows it.


Percy "Sly" Pym has powers identical to his mother, Janet Van Dyne the Wasp. He is bossy and brave.

Big Boy

Henry Pym jr. inherited his father's powers, and intellect. Quiet and thoughtful, he is the team's best detective and knows something is wrong with his twin bro Bumblebee. . .


Tarzan is a 12 year old boy who woke up one day in the jungle, and became one with the apes. He has trouble understanding human culture.

Supporting Characters


Cassie Kyle, the reformed daughter of Catwoman, initially turned down the offer to join Young Justice, but assists them on occasion.


When Tim Drake got lonely at the Batcave, he jumped on the chance when Nightwing found Mike Erkson, a 12 year old orphan. Though Bruce refused to take him in, Nightwing did, training him as "Sparrow". Robin is now currently active as both Batman's sidekick and Sparrow's partner. Sparrow is, just like Tim, smart and a great detective.


Walt Johnson is Aquaboy, Aquaman's secret weopan. He was born durring a hurricane giving him powers over the sea. he is quick-witted and smart-mouthed.


Kid Grodd

Son of Gorilla Grodd.


Main Series

Young Justice: Teen Stars

Young Justice: Race Through Time

Young Justice: The Secret of Percy Pym


Young Justice: Blackest Night

Young Justice: Fear Itself